Saturday, June 25, 2011

Reflections Of Days Gone By....

A couple of really neat ladies asked me to design something for the Rockport Art Festival's Auction that will be happening next weekend.  The theme the Art Festival requested was "Reflections", most people that submitted art work interpreted that to mean mirrors and used them in their art.  I took it in a whole different direction.
      Remember when you were a kid and you watched the Wizard Of Oz how magical it all seemed to us back then, and who could forget the beautiful Judy Garland.  Hmmmm....those were the good old days.  The Days before HDTV lol, the film starts out in black and white and then goes to color after the tornado passes and Dorthy finds herself in OZ.  That's how my idea formed for this project. 
     I used Graphic 45's new paper line the Magic of Oz.  Took a paper suitcase and painted it white, trimmed it all out with the gingham looking blue paper that can be found in the paper collection.  I wanted it to resemble Dorthy's dress & lets not forget those ruby red slippers.  Which I mimicked with a red sequin trim and a glitter red paper.  I used the paper with the yellow brick road on it and fussy cut out all of the characters and layered them up on foam adhesive.  I really wanted the focal point to be Judy Garland aka "Dorthy" since the theme was reflections of days gone by so I printed a picture out of her in black and white and layered her over the color image found on the paper in the collection, to re-create the film turning from black and white to color.  I framed her out in a little heart frame I found that I fell in love with because it looked just like the "heart" the Tin Man needed.  I lined the inside of the box with a matching blue felt and tied a little piece of blue gingham onto the handle.
     I will do a video of it in the next few days if you would like to see the inside as well.   I hope you like it and it triggers some fond childhood memories.  =)  Thanks for stopping by today, have a great weekend.

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